Carving One’s Destiny

Carving one’s destiny.


Carving one’s destiny, or, to be or not to be. There seems to be conflicting opinions about the concepts of personal destiny, fate, and free will. In my own experience I have found it true that I will dream of something ahead of time before it actually happens in the physical. This is especially true if it is something very important in my life, of either a positive or negative nature. So, on the one hand, I am a firm believer that things happen in the astral planes before they happen in the physical world. I am convinced of this. On the other hand, also through personal experience, I’ve been able to change the outcome of events in the astral planes and in doing things that have changed how events will manifest in physical life. This has helped me through some tough situations. I can’t imagine a better proof or validation that so-called magic works.


In fact, I seem to operate with a multidimensional awareness that covers or cloaks my normal perceptions of our everyday world. It’s almost as if a part of me is scanning like a radar searching for things and helping me to be aware of the nonphysical aspects of my surroundings. In any case, I believe that things happen in the nonphysical realms, in the astral planes, before they manifest as physical events.


I also believe that things set themselves up in the astral planes during the monthly and solar cycles. The main events of the coming year are preprogrammed into the astral akashic records up to one year ahead of their actual occurrence as physical events. Once events have been locked into the akashic records, it is very difficult to alter the outcome.


So while I do believe in free will, personal choice, and all kinds of self-empowerment, I also believe that at any given time there is a limit to just how much we can achieve. I also believe that what we do today might not apply itself to today, but might apply itself to some future event. This brings up an interesting point, and an important point because common sense tells us that intense physical effort can change the outcome of events. It happens to someone almost every day. And the paradoxical truth is that the present moment in which our awareness always exists, is the most powerful point in our existence.


It is always from the present moment that we can find the most empowered solutions to those things in our lives. Let me say this another way. If possible, we should try to take care of things in the nonphysical realms, in the astral planes, while they are still readily available and easy to work with. The longer we wait, and the closer they come to becoming physical realities, the more energy it takes to make any difference. If we wait until they come down to the actual physical occurrence, we may still be able to change the outcome by putting out intense effort. But that might not be true.


This falls back upon the idea that existence as we know it and understand it is a type of resonant circuit with the inductive portion or astral portion belonging to the nonphysical astral worlds. The capacitive portion of the resonant circuit is the physical world itself and our physical bodies. Like capacitors, our physical bodies can generate and store energy. In a resonant circuit, it is possible to change the characteristics of the circuit by changing either the inductance or the capacitance. This means it is possible to change things through physical effort or through changing them on the astral planes. Both of them are able to achieve change and able to affect the outcome of physical events. To argue that one is more powerful than the other, or that one should be used exclusively while the other is not to be considered is ridiculous. We need to be able to use all available means to move our lives in the direction of our personal choices. This is what self – empowerment means!


So, through meditation, energy work and other nonphysical means we can help to heal our physical body and achieve things before they really happen to us. In this way we can avoid those things we don’t want to experience and attract those things that we do wish to experience.


On the other hand, we can also take advantage of where we are right now, and use our bodies to generate the physical energy required to help this to happen. This means that taking medicine or eating nutritious food and exercise are also viable ways to affect health and change in our lives.


It is the combination of both that empower a person to the fullest extent. If we want to carve our personal destiny we need to be able to function completely in both realms. It is this concept of action on both planes in both worlds that will determine how we shape our personal destinies. This requires us to remain balanced between the spiritual and physical with an open recognition of the existence and functions of both. The most important and useful concept of all is the concept of intense personal effort. As Crowley said, “nothing succeeds like excess!”



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