The Highest Cause-The Conscious Individual

The Highest Cause – The Conscious Individual


“Know thyself!”

we are all sparks of light or photons that have evolved through the magnetic spectrum, into each of the physical elements, explored compound molecules and finally life itself in the form of DNA. At first we were single celled organisms with extremely limited awareness and as we died we left a pattern in the astral that gradually became aware  and sentient. This pattern became what is termed a group soul and guided our future lives as single cells to repeat successful patterns that would ensure the continuation of life.


In this we see the answer to the question, “what came first the chicken or the egg?” The higher self or the soul is the ghost or pattern of the physical life that once existed. Physical life came first, but the spirit became the pattern that allowed physical life to continue. Physical and the spirit became linked in a resonant circuit that became ever more complex as life evolved. Since the physical environment was ever changing, the pattern of the spirit was never exactly followed and each new death brought new modifications to it. In all cases physical life did whatever it needed to do in order to survive.


If we think about it all life on earth has evolved from a bit of yeast that has managed to stay alive for billions of years! Life itself has never been allowed to become extinct. In this respect all life and all species share a common origin. If life became extinct, the soul would perish as well. The soul only finds growth through the death of the physical. If there were no more death, the soul would cease to grow as well and would fade into nothingness, or fade into the light, return to the light and to the original photon state with only a photon awareness.


This cycle of physical life, death, and rebirth will continue until physical life itself becomes immortal. The soul cannot Leave the physical behind because it is merely a reflection or pattern of it, a ghost if you will. The soul is an extrusion of the physical body, and as an extrusion it exists beyond the physical body as well as within it.


Originally, physical awareness was followed by soul awareness and were not aware of each other. Physical awareness is the basis of the unconscious or shadow aspect of our personality. Soul awareness is the basis of our higher self or superconscious awareness. It carries the pattern of previous lives and tries to guide us along proven paths.


These two opposites are united in the human ego and this human ego is what has raised humanity above other life forms. But now the time has come for other life forms to develop egos and for the human race to integrate completely both the shadow and the higher self.


This can only be done through the development and expansion of the human ego as it integrates all levels of existence, physical and spiritual. In the ancient past humanity was governed by a group soul or group mind in a type of hive consciousness. This brought about a genetic tendency for individuals to follow and obey the guidance of external authority. This external authority was embodied in the leaders of humanity.


In this new age, there are no leaders! Everyone is self-directed and this is causing some problems because this change has not been completely understood. The time has come for each human to become an individual, and to live as an individual among individuals!


The evolutionary requirement of a collective guidance or government has given way to something else that has not yet sprung forth. But the seeds have been planted and the future is known. The true human ego has gained the ability to integrate in the present moment all levels of existence! This is what the new age is all about!




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